Illustrator, sculptor, comic books draftsman; I graduated at the Art Accademy of Lecce, in 1991; I'm very fond of natural history, prehistoric animals and science fiction.
I've been working as freelance artist  in the fields of illustration and comic books since 1993 and, since 2001 ,  I've been working also as curator and designer of museum paths and exibitions, restorer of fossil finds, maker of casts, dioramas and models, paintings for scientific restorations of floras and faunas in museum collections, illustrations for scientific and educational publications (even by using computer-graphic tools).
I made works for various publishers (such as: Sergio Bonelli Editore, Star Comics, Image comics) and scientific institutions (F.A.O. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean, The Mediterranean Science Commission, CoNISMA, University of Salento and Bari, “Città della Scienza” in Napoli, Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale), or  educational magazines (such as "Focus" and "Muy Interesante"). 

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